Certified In Repairing Ford’s PowerShift Dual-Clutch Transmission

It’s a well-known problem that Ford’s PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission (commonly found in the 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and Focus) has resulted in major issues for owners. The main issue involves “a shuddering feeling” while starting from a fully stopped position. This feeling is similar to sitting in a manual transmission vehicle while someone is misusing the clutch and unevenly upshifting, sending vibrations throughout the vehicle. In fact, since 2019, nearly two million customers have reported issues with their Ford transmissions. To tackle this problem, our Cottman team of technicians quickly took action.

Recently, our team at Cottman of Independence invested in tools and training to tackle those ornery Ford DPS6 (dual-clutch) transmissions that have been a pain in the side of so many of our customers. So far, we’ve been very successful in making these fixes and getting Ford owners back on the road. Which of us no surprise since, at Cottman, transmission repairs remain our primary focus and expertise. We have spent years training, learning, and staying up-to-date on the news around your vehicle and what repairs we can make without costing you an arm and a leg. So if you’ve had a problem with your Ford transmission or you just want our team to take a look for your peace of mind, and give us a call and we can find the strategy that makes the most sense for you, and your wallet.